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Detective S Mystery Apk Mod

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Game Detective S Mystery Apk Mod:

“P, Feel free to. You recognize just how crucial this instance is actually to S”

‘S’ shed one and also simply loved ones in a switch massacre instance.

Certainly there certainly was actually a single explanation she came to be a investigator, to refix that instance.
Explore the criminal activity arena along with S and also arrest the illegal!
Locate the proof in the criminal activity arena that distinctions in the scenes, and also aim to assumption the illegal along with the details you have actually gotten!

“Investigator S,” the thinking video activity making use of Locate the Distinctions
Run away coming from the cliché!


It S came to be a investigator to avenge his daddy “R”.
He was actually a cops eliminated through a sequential awesome ten years earlier.
Eventually, neither might the cops discover the instance.
“S” really experiences the incompetence of the cops.

Came to be a popular investigator eventually, and also while she was actually examining on a lawsuit, she finds a “timber switch” along with a serpent created on it that seemed like exactly just what was actually discovered in R’s possessions.
S hears unanticipated updates while examining on a lawsuit fixated the “timber switch,” an idea that she uncovered in 5 years.

For 5 years, ‘tree buttons’ still continue to be in lots of locations in unresolved murders…
Mr. S heads out along with the cops to locate the escaped illegal.





Detective S Mystery Apk Mod
Detective S Mystery Apk Mod
Detective S Mystery Apk Mod

Features for Detective S Mystery Game Apk:

Run away coming from the cliché!

The criminal activity arena of the instance shown due to the distinctions
Let’s enter the cops collection! He’s currently escaped!
Coming from the criminal activity arena to the possessions of the suspects
Locate the distinctions in between back and forth criminal activity scenes and also gather proof!

A range of characters, puzzle tales that bring in you sweat along with enthusiasm
Let’s comprehend different character connections with webtoons.
Connection along with the target with the on-going discussion along with the characters,
Let’s acquire details approximately the proof in the criminal activity arena!
Find the tip covert ion the situations with interrogations!

I’m real investigator! Arrest device

This is actually no usual video activity of Locate the Differences~
Among the 4 suspects is actually the illegal!
Locate the murderer’s massacre tool and also the proof that signifies the animosity one of the proof gotten coming from account video activity and also arrest the illegal through coordinating all of them along with the suspects!

The honest truth of the instance handled through webtoons!
The entire account of the activity, which is actually received webtoons through phase!
A webtoon that unravels the starting point to the development of the instance seems every phase!
Bring in your account more stunning! Have a blast along with conforming!

  1. Add Language (Simplified/Traditional Chinese)
  2. Modify English translation
  3. Fix Other Bugs

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